Data analytics combines technology, statistics and business processes to generate insights that improve business strategy and performance. By uncovering hidden patterns within the data and using these insights to drive more effective decisions through scenario planning and predictive modelling, data analytics helps businesses realise savings and generate greater revenue. At Astute Informatics, we help move our client’s businesses forward through advanced data analytic capabilities in Information Management, Performance Optimisation and Analytic Insights.

Service Offerings



We bridge the gap with our advanced analytics offerings by combining a deep understanding of processes and techniques with a strong technology background to deliver enterprise scale business intelligence and data management solutions.

In addition to focusing on leveraging the latest and most advanced analytics techniques and algorithms, Astute Informatics begins every engagement by charting out a clear path to automate and integrate the analytics solution with mainstream business intelligence and data management platforms.

Discovery & Blueprint

Discovery & Blueprint

Analytics Discovery Workshop and Use Case Development

  • Conduct Discovery Workshops (1-2 weeks) for preliminary planning to prioritise your requirements, expectations and business needs
  • Guide you to quickly validate advanced analytics use cases pertaining to your domain
  • Explore use cases that are relevant to your requirements and begin planning according to your business priorities and values

Analytics Readiness Assessment & Roadmap Definition

  • Employ advanced analytics and interpretation to jointly develop recommendations, an implementation roadmap, an assessment, and data and security requirements
  • Conduct hypothesis testing for feasibility of analytical use cases
  • Build on your business capabilities blueprint to develop an implementation roadmap that encompasses all the proposed analytics-related activities

Technology Roadmap for Operationalizing Analytics

  • Apply our BI and DW expertise to ensure all analytics use cases are coupled to your organisation’s existing BI and DW setup
  • Enable integration to existing data environments through ready-to-use analytic solution accelerators built on open platforms
  • Leverage BI and DW technologies to maximise your existing investments

Analytics Blueprint and Pilot

  • Leverage our solution accelerators for minimal setup and configuration time for pilot use cases
  • Launch a pilot use case and help build a blueprint for enterprise level deployment
  • Help outline a subsequent analytical blueprint for continuous business value add
Advanced Analytics Solution Development

Advanced Analytics Solution Development

Analytical Model Development and Deployment

Our cross-functional team of statisticians, subject matter experts, data management experts, BI consultants and business analysts work closely with your stakeholders to build, validate and deploy analytical models.

Our consultants provide continuous assessment to meet your business needs. Our team continuously engages with your business to expose new insights and to iterate improvements before an enterprise-wide final deployment

Automation & Analytics Platform Realisation

Our team not only delivers standalone analytical models, but automates the entire process through periodic model evaluation that feeds results into a reporting environment, our experienced BI consultants leverage our expertise in building enterprise wide BI and DW systems to build comprehensive analytics and business intelligence solutions. Our services include flexible infrastructure and support services deployed as an on premise model

Analytics Managed Services

Analytics Managed Services

Data Management

  • Develop analytical framework and execution architecture to meet the analytical and reporting needs of the organization
  • Create analytics governance framework to provide reliable and consistent business analytics
  • Provide services ranging from assessment to the development of an enterprise-wide implementation roadmap

Analytics Process/System Management

Integrate and operationalize analytical models into the existing BI environment Provide support and infrastructure services Improve accuracy and optimize performance of existing models Modify existing models after assessment of changing business needs

Data Interpretation and Insights Delivery

Interpret results from complex analytical models to deliver intuitive and actionable reports, KPIs and dashboards. Scale and automate reports, KPIs, and dashboards for specific enterprise audiences

Functional Solutions

Functional Solutions

  • Customer and Marketing Analytics – Loyalty analytics, customer lifetime value, propensity analytics, churn analytics, customer segmentation and up-sell/cross sell
  • Social and Digital Media Analytics – Click analytics, social media analytics, sentiment analytics
  • Sales and Marketing – Segmentation, marketing mix optimization, competitor analysis, channel analysis, sales performance analysis, campaign
  • analysis, sales pipeline reporting, channel analysis</li>
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • HR Analytics